FACT: Paper Production Supports Sustainable Forest Management

​The Australian paper industry promotes sustainable forestry and depends on sustainable forest growth to provide a reliable supply of wood fiber.

  • Australia's planted forests double in size from about one million hectares in 1994 to two million hectares in 2010. -The Changing Face of Australia's Forests - Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 2010

  • '90% of deforestation is caused by unsustainable agricultural practices.' -Underlying causes of deforestation, World Rainforest Movement; UN FAO, 2013; FAOSTAT, 2011.

  • 'The percentage of third-party verified, chain-of-custody certified paper used by Australian printers has burgeoned in 5 years. Paper of traceable origin has become an industry expectation.' -Printing Industries Association of Australia, 2014

  • Australia’s National Forest policy Statement (1992) underpins a well-established policy and legislative framework for the conservation and sustainable management of Australia’s forests. 21 percent of Australia’s forests and 56 percent of forests in the National Reserve system have management plans in place. That is 41 million hectares of Australian forests are under management plans. -State of the Forest Report, 2013

  • All timber production in South Australia comes only from planted forests. -Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Australian Forests at a Glance, 2012

  • 55 percent of the world’s wood harvest is used for energy and 25 percent for construction. There are some other uses but paper only directly takes 11 percent and in addition can utilise up to 7 percent from construction waste. -FAOSTAT, 2011

  • Two Sides and Two Sides Members oppose illegal logging and support local communities, NGOs and Government initiatives who develop and implement initiatives to these problems. -Two Sides AGM, 2014

  • ‘The single biggest direct cause of tropical deforestation is conversion to crop land and pasture, mainly for subsistence.’, 2013

Two Sides supports products which can clearly be traced to sustainable origins.

In Australia and Northern Europe, where almost all ancient forests are protected, paper comes from managed regrowth forests or planted forests where the cycle of planting, growing and harvesting is carefully controlled.

2013 saw the registration of the illegal logging prohibition Regulation Amendment (2013). -Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, 31 May 2013

Two Sides welcomes this legislation as illegal logging undermines Australia’s legitimate and responsible paper and timber product industries.

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