TAKE A CLOSER LOOK, at Westminster Printing

Did you know Westminster Printing is a family business, that's been in operation for over 59 years?

A big part of the Westminster Printing family are the people who work here, they're the ones who design, print, package, co-ordinate and create all of the print works that leave our factory. They're the heart of the business.

That's why we wanted you to take a look at some of the Westminster Printing family.

{Above} Barbara looks after all of our production and finishing and is responsible for all the quality products that leave our factory. Barbara works on the production and finishing tables with Mandy (featured below).

{Above} Kassie, Pre Press and Design. Kassie is one creative lady and we are lucky to have her as part of the team at Westminster Printing. Kassie adds her creative touches and makes sure all of the design work that comes from our clients, is ready for print.

{Above} Ryan, Production and Binding. Ryan works in our production and binding area and he ensures all of the binding work at Westminster Printing is top quality.

{Above} Mandy, Production and Finishing. Mandy works with Barbara (featured above) and she keeps a close eye on each and every product that comes of the press to ensure a perfect print quality on all our products.

{Above} Brett, Pre Press Manager. Brett oversee's all of the design and artwork, before it hits the printers. Brett has a keen eye for detail and works closely with our team to ensure everything runs smoothly.

{Above} Debbie, Administration. Debbie keeps all of our account in ship shape and works with each of our client accounts. Debbie is also one of the friendly voices you will hear answering our phones each day.

{Above} Brian, Printer. Brian is the master of our printers and is the one that produces all of the vibrant, eye catching print works that are produced each day in our factory.

{Above} Steve, Our production manager keeps the whole operation running smoothly. As you can see Steve really enjoys having his photo taken. :-)

{Above} Jimmy, Our Estimator is also one of the friendly faces you will see in the Westminster Printing office. Jimmy takes care of all of our project quotations and works closely with our clients and our sales team.

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